James Rogan

James Rogan is a friendly and outgoing 10-year-old boy who keeps himself busy with school and athletics. He is the son of Margaret Hudson, President and co-owner of Burnbrae Farms, a long time We Care supporter. He lives in Toronto with Margaret, his 11-year-old sister Evelyn and also with his Dad, David Rogan, Managing Director of Rogan Investment Management. James was born with Cerebral Palsy, but has maintained a positive outlook on life and has not let his physical limitations keep him from doing the things he loves.
James is completing Grade 4 at Whitney Junior Public School and was part of the basketball team as well as the school choir. He also plays soccer in the local league and starts try outs for his school soccer team in the coming weeks. This summer, he will attend a three week theatre camp and try his hand at acting. In the summer, James enjoys swimming and fishing at the family cottages, road hockey, and biking. James skis and skates in winter. He is also known to enjoy the odd Minecraft game.
James loves wildlife and being outside. He is very knowledgeable about fish and reptiles and has a pet Crested Gecko named Cresty. He also enjoys adventure travel and has been to Costa Rica, Cozumel, Hawaii, Disneyland in Florida and San Francisco. He has snorkelled with dolphins, manta rays and giant groupers; hiked up mountains, into the rainforest and to see volcanoes; zip lined across deep gorges; and been in a submarine that dove to the bottom of the ocean. He would love to tell you about his travels.
James has participated in the Bloorview Hand to Hand Camp the last three summers and has been part of a clinical trial for restraint therapy at Holland-Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital that is part of the Childhood Cerebral Palsy Integrated Neuroscience Discovery Network (CP-NET). He is looking forward to attending Easter Seals Camp this summer.
James will be starting his two year We Care Ambassador term with Friends of We Care and is thrilled to help send other kids to Easter Seals camp with the generous donations from the people like you.